Cholangiocyte organoids

Key points

  • Scalable / unique proliferation potential
  • Minimally manipulated
  • Genetically stable
  • Mature
  • Fully functional
  • Proven regeneration potential


Key points

  • The first organoid based therapy proven to repair human organs
  • Safe: Cells are administered locally in the bile ducts with no risk of systemic dissemination
  • Highly efficient reconstruction of small bile ducts not amenable to surgery. Optimal for treating diffuse disease.
  • Rapid improvement in bile duct function within days of cell administration
  • Tested in human organs!


Key points

  • A first-in-kind regenerating bioengineered organ structure
  • Biliduct remodels and fully integrates in the host biliary tree
  • Proven efficacy in vivo
  • Off the shelf
  • Cost efficient compared to standard of care

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